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Marquee de Fail – The Good Part – @midnight with Chris Hardwick

Because not even theater signage is safe from mockery, Paul F. Tompkins, April Richardson and Ron Funches advertise film titles created by some unfortunate marquees. Watch full episodes of @midnight now: http://on.cc.com/17MOT5T

DIVORCE COURT Full Episode: Darby vs. Darby

Charlise and Brian have been together on and off for 20 years. Charlise says when she married Brian he was a hermit and throughout the years he turned into a womanizer. Charlise says Brian will find women who will buy him gifts. He depends on women to take care of him. Charlise says Brian is […]

MC Lyte and Lynn Richardson “why get into business”

MC Lyte and Lynn Richardson “why get into business” BlackTree TV is the premier place for best in Hollywood, music and lifestyle. You can find BlackTree TV as far as 30K feet in the air and as close as your fingertips. We routinely license our content to all kinds of channels from BET to the […]

How Disney will force Netflix to change streaming

By late 2019, Disney has promised to launch its own online streaming service, further complicating the options for viewers who just want to watch their favorite films and TV online. The competition between streaming services has been great for consumers, so far. Outlets like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Shudder, and Filmstruck have been ramping […]