Wealth & Wisdom: Timeless Quotations and Comments

$11.95 (as of July 12, 2020, 3:55 am)

Wealth & Wisdom is for sensible people interested in wealth, appreciative of good quotations, and seeking clear commentary and advice. There are no graphs, formulas, higher mathematics, or shortcuts; just common sense, for that is all you really need to wisely invest. “There has not been a concise, effective and well thought out book on investing and building wealth in quite some time. Wealth & Wisdom is that book. In a well-managed and unique structure, the reader not only receives a complete history of the time-tested, emotional platforms the market demands for success on the topic but at the same time, a process to de-mystify the art and science of investing.” —Michael W. Williams, Genesis Asset Management “Much more than a handy cheat sheet for the board room or the coffee table, these timeless maxims woven together will keep you healthy, wealthy… and witty.” —François Picard, anchor, France24. “Long before Twitter capped the maximum length of a tweet at 140 characters, wise people with pens and styluses were jotting down adages. ‘Buy low, sell high,’ one of their number said. The unnamed author of this aphorism did more than proffer the best and simplest item of investment advice ever recorded. He or she also wrote an 18-character guide for living. Between these covers is collected some of the best and wittiest of the world’s short-form financial wisdom. The ancients and the moderns take turns advising us when to buy, when to sell (if at all) and how to think.” —from the Foreword by James Grant, author of Money of the Mind and Mr. Market Miscalculates and editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer.