Understanding REITs and Real Estate Stocks: Overview

$19.99 (as of July 13, 2020, 9:51 pm)

“Understanding REITs and Real Estate Stocks” is the first book in the “REITS Atlas” book series. The book series deals with investing in real estate stocks, also known as REITs or real estate investment trusts. This book is the entry-level version and is aimed at retail investors who are in contact with REITs for the first time. It provides an overview of what a REIT is and what it does – without paying too much attention to theoretical and academic topics that you do not need to get started. Instead, you will find vivid details and practical tips.”Understanding REITs and Real Estate Stocks” continues to present 73 different REITs and describes their business model and special features. There is a data sheet for each company with the most important information and key figures.This book provides a global overview of the most important, largest and best known REITs. You will find all standard REITs in this plant. In addition, selected REITs are presented that come from – for REITs – still unknown countries or have very unusual business models. This book should give you all the tools you need to achieve a safe, profitable and well diversified portfolio for a passive income from high dividends.The following categories are covered in this book:Equity REITs,Hotel REITs,Residential REITs,Student dormitories REITs,Office REITs,Health Care REITs,Retail REITs,Industrial REITs,Data center REITs,Self-storage REITs,Prison REITs,Timberland REITs,Farmland REITs,Infrastructure REITs,Casino REITs, andMortgage REITs.