The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Long-term

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VALUABLE ADVICE FOR INVESTORS OF ALL TYPES FROM STANDARD & POOR’S, TODAY’S MOST TRUSTED RESOURCE FOR RELIABLE INVESTMENT INFORMATION Standard & Poor’s Press brings the impressive knowledge and resources of Standard & Poor’s to some of today’s most challenging financial issues. Covering subjects from saving for college to technical analysis to risk management, books in the series will give both independent and institutional investors the knowledge they need to dramatically improve their overall financial decisions. Sensible, straightforward Standard & Poor’s secrets for achieving worry-free investing success Successful investing doesn’t have to be a pressure-packed chore. The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Profitable Long-Term Investing provides investors with commonsense rules and guidelines to take the pain out of investing and replace it with certainty and confidence. It unveils a simple approach, one that demystifies and simplifies the path to profitable investing without relying on buzzwords and confusing mathematics. From knowing the best times to buy and sell to saving for education or retirement, this easy-to-follow book uses Standard & Poor’s data, tables, charts, and graphs to illustrate and explain exactly how anyone can construct a sensible, low-maintenance portfolio. Covering topics that books of its type often overlook, it discusses: Why stockbrokers and financial advisers can be hazardous to an investor’s financial health Seven simple steps to follow to help ensure profitable investing How and when to buy a stock and–even more important–when to take profits