The First Book of Investing, Revised 2nd Edition: The

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Financial security and a comfortable retirement are important goals that concern us all. But, if you can?t tell a grade A bond from a grade A steak, how can you possibly achieve the financial future you want? A popular answer today is to consult a financial planner, but how do you choose a good one? To answer these stress-inducing questions comes Samuel Case and his newly revised The First Book of Investing.In simple and straight-forward language, Case gives beginning investors everything they need to know to start creating a portfolio. The first eleven chapters are designed to provide an overview of the major investment options including stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and real estate. In practical and friendly terms, Case gives readers the confidence to make basic investment decisions.He then moves the reader into intermediate investment techniques and introduces some high-risk investments such as futures, options, and collectibles. He encourages the individual investor to chose investments to match their comfort level and urges them not to get into something that does not match their goals and values. For example, rental management can be very lucrative for most people, but it is also a “hands-on” type of investment.This completely revised edition includes current information on the world of online investing. The popularity of home computers and the expansion of the internet make keeping track of your investments easier than ever. In the book, Case outlines a 30-minute tour of AOL?s services for individual investors.About the AuthorSamuel Case is an investment advisor and business writer with more than twenty-five years of investment experience. He is the author of Big Profits from Small Stocks and The Socially Responsible Guide to Smart Investing (both Prima).