The Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Wealth Building

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The biggest lie ever told about investing is that it’s hard or complicated. It’s not. This lie has been repeated because most people don’t know the truth: a high school education is enough.It doesn’t take a genius to invest well, but you must be clever enough to learn from history. In 1602, the First stock market (the Amsterdam Exchange) was created for one specific stock market strategy.Using this strategy, a retired IRS agent who never made more than $4000/year left behind $22 Million when she died in 1995. A Vermont Gas station attendant and janitor did almost as well, leaving behind $8 Million despite earning minimum wage most of his life.One of the world’s richest men and most successful investors (Warren Buffet) uses this strategy. Over the last 20 years, it has returned almost double the market.But more important than this strategy, this book contains the basic principles of building wealth the Rich have used for millennia. These principles have worked for thousands of years and still work perfectly to this day.This book combines these ancient principles with the time-honored original stock market strategy. The result is a foundation for living an abundant life, pursuing your dreams, and helping your fellow man.You will learn: Why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class never gets aheadThe basic principles the rich use to build long-term wealthHow the government (and Wall Street) STEAL your retirement through your 401(k)Why the typical retirement plan is doomed even if you had $1 Million in the bankThe REAL difference between an Asset and a LiabilityAnd more…