The 6 Phases of Building Wealth: The Step-by-Step Guide

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Money. We all want it. We all need it. Unfortunately, many of us may feel as if we never have quite enough of it. Cable TV, healthcare, education, eating out, Internet, vacations, housing, groceries, mobile phones, utilities, debt repayment, insurance, and transportation; all of these things cost money and their costs seem to continually increase over time. All the while, salaries stagnate for years, remaining unchanged. As a result, savings accounts suffer and we dig ourselves deeper and deeper into debt. This paints a bleak, long-term financial picture: work until you die, struggling the entire way. This result may seem like an inevitable conclusion for many of us. However, we believe you have the power to shape your own financial future. In The 6 Phases of Building Wealth, you will learn the specific steps to follow in order to improve your financial position. We have made an effort to be as explicit as possible, with clear-cut examples and detailed descriptions. The 6 Phases of Building Wealth will not teach you how to “get rich quick”. It does not reveal the secret formula for success or show you how to decode the mysteries of the super wealthy. Instead, it describes how to use commonly available financial tools and resources to master your money and achieve Financial Freedom. We do not guarantee traveling the road to Financial Freedom will be a quick or easy process, but you will be provided with all of the tools you need to be successful. Young or seasoned, rich or less fortunate, people of all ages, income levels, and stages of life can utilize this knowledge. The hope is, one day, all people will be able to enjoy life without having to constantly worry about money. The 6 Phases of Building Wealth is our attempt to make that hope a reality.