Stock Options: The Greatest Wealth Building Tool Ever

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Stock Options: The Greatest Wealth Building Tool Ever Invented will introduce you to an option trading system that will change the way you look at options. It teaches an option selling system that will enable you to earn extraordinary annual returns with little investment risk! The trading system described in this book explains how: · To reduce your investment risk to nearly zero · Achieve consistent high annual returns in excess of 30% · It does not require you to learn fundamental and technical analyzes, deltas, thetas, gamas, vegas or other Greek goblethegooks of stocks or options · It does not require the ability to predict market direction · It does not require stock picking skills · It does not require close monitoring · To trade consistently with only one or two ETFs over and over again While there is no such thing as “The Holy Grail of Investments” the option trading technique explained in this book describes an investment system that provides safety of capital and above average returns to an extent that practically makes it the much sought after holy grail of investments! Nearly half the book is dedicated to showing actual trading transactions over a five month period where the author used his system on one real portfolio that ultimately achieved an extraordinary return on invested capital with very little risk involved.