Entrepreneur Wealth Management Made Easy: Building

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It happens all too often. A visionary businessperson achieves phenomenal success but ends up in a financial hole years later because of poor planning. Owning a successful business does not guarantee you’ve achieved your own long-term financial security. But Michael Zhuang is here to help you grow and protect your personal wealth.You made your enterprise work by taking risks, but you need to take a different approach when safeguarding your future. Zhuang outlines a solid plan that’s specifically tailored to business creators, their special circumstances and personalities. He provides the knowledge you’ll need to make the right decisions about investing, tax mitigation, selecting a financial advisor, maintaining your own well-being while managing your own growing business, planning a good exit, and ultimately transitioning to a work-optional lifestyle.Managing personal finances is different from managing a company. Entrepreneur Wealth Management Made Easy can be your path to building wealth beyond business and life beyond work.