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Learn the Smart Way to Invest, Make Money and Generate a Passive Income in the Stock Market The Stock Market can be a ‘Financial Game Changer’ for anyone that invests their time to learn about how to do it the Smart-Way, but sadly, many miss out on the great money-making machine of the stock market. But why?They don’t know where to start. It all seems too complicated!They hear that the stock market is ‘too risky’ and are afraid to invest.They are unsure how much to invest, where to invest and when to invest.They have invested before; they lost their money and are cautious about trying again.There is too much terminology to understand.If you want to make money as a beginner in the stock market, you need to learn the investment principles that the experts teach that will provide a long-term and passive income that you can depend upon.Jamie Thomson brings together the exact methods that he’s been teaching to stock investors for over 20 years, and now you too can benefit from his vast knowledge and experience from the ‘Beginners Guide to the Stock Market’. This book will teach you all the strategies you need to start while avoiding the costly mistakes that beginners do make.In this book, you will discover:The 7 Essential Money Guiding Principles to know before you investHow to create your online broking accountThe secrets to picking stocks that are about to ‘Take-Off’What stocks are best to buy and whenHow to develop an investment plan regardless of your ageHow to keep your portfolio safe during stock crashesThe 7 Biggest Mistakes that beginners do make and how to avoid themHow to create a stock investing automation system so you can ‘set and forget’.How to generate a long-term passive income to secure your financial freedomLearn how to invest in stocks with CONFIDENCE regardless of market movementsPlus much, much moreAs a bonus, you will also have access to your very own stock market and financial plan template to plan out your long-term investment strategy.Even if you have never traded before, this book will have you ready to take action and create real wealth by investing in the Stock Market.Scroll up and click BUY NOW to get your money journey started today.