7 Money Myths That Are Killing Your Wealth Potential

$9.95 (as of July 13, 2020, 5:11 pm)

Think getting your money to work for you will create wealth? It won’t. Did you think that compound interest was going to make you rich? It hasn’t. Believe that “millionaires have got it made”? They don’t. Think home equity is a smart investment? It’s unsafe and its rate of return is always zero. These are merely four money myths. Learn the money secrets you wish you knew. There is no reason to delay gratification in your life, and every reason not to. In this book, you’ll learn the specific, actionable solution to create durable wealth that flies directly in the face of these myths that keep killing your wealth potential. Without formal certification or training, discover how you can use leverage, arbitrage, hands-off real estate investing, and cash flow to buy time and live your life by design.