10 Other Real Estate Investments: Section 121, Billboards,

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Find what you were meant to do. This book should be the first one you read about Real Estate Investing. One of the Platforms could be perfect for you. “Buy And Hold” is not always the best business model, but you could still be a very successful Real Estate Investor, starting with $3,000 or $300,000. Begin your journey here.This book will serve the interests of the Real Estate Investor, regardless of where your interest lies. If you are interested in negotiating real estate, rental property, fix and flip, finding great deals, flipping houses, estimating rehab costs, investing in foreclosures, buying without cash or credit, investing in multi-family, managing rental property, investing in rehabs, property management, Section 1031 Exchanges, triple net leases, Delaware Statutory Trusts, lowering your taxes, tax strategies, real estate financing, hard money lending, LLCs, or tax-free income, there is something here for you.