LGBTQI religious resilience

Learning Goal / Topics:
What aspects of religious communities and spirituality may contribute to resilience for some GSM people?
We will expand and deepen awareness of ways that spirituality and even religions may be resources for resilience for some GSM people.
Week 2 Content:
Religions, Spirituality & LGBTQI+ Resilience
Building bridges as trauma recovery:
Tools and resources in various global religious and spiritual traditions that are LGBTQI+-affirming and inclusive
Gender and sex minorities’ (GSM) own resources with religious and spiritual communities of their choice for their own resilience (“for us, by us”)
Topic 2 Videos:
Ladin, J. (2016) Ain’t I A Woman? | Joy Ladin | TEDxBeaconStreet (1/7/2016)
Mitchell, S.and Salgado, B. (2020) “On Indigenous Wisdom for Healing Trauma,” California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Public Programs, August 1, 2020.
Playlist of 6 videos created for / by SafetyNet, Trans Lifeline, Campus Pride, including: Campus Pride (2015) #LGBTNotSin — two very short but inter-related videos: Video 1 (6/3/15) and Video 2 (5/4/15)

Optional Videos
(not GSM-specific): ChildSavers RVA (2020). The 5 Pillars of Resilience with John Richardson-Lauve, LCSW (7/15/2020)
Ackley III, D. W. (2013) “Come as You Are: God’s Good News for All People” (8/18/2013) coming out sermon (YouTube)
Ackley III, D.W. (2017) “And It Was Good”: A Response to the Nashville Statement VIDEO 9/3/2017 live at San Diego MCC, starts at 26:51,
“Dialogue with H. Adam Ackley: A Journey of Healing from the Inside-Out” (University of Redlands CA
Meditation Room Lecture Series), Monday, February 17, 2014, University of Redlands.

Topic 2 Readings (including Art):
Fisher, J. (2019) The Three Stages of Trauma Recovery PDF.
Ackley III, D. W. (2020) “A Jesus-Loving Yogi” OtherWise Christian 4 chapter (pre-publication)
Feelings Thermometer Printable (2020), © Encourage Play, LLC (1/24/2020):
Campus Pride (2020) Share Your Story: #LGBTNotSin campaign
DeMaioNewton, E. (2019) “A Transgender Buddhist Trailblazer 20+ Years Later: Interview with Caitriona Reed” Tricycle: The Buddhist Review (7/26/2019)
Weisberger, S. (2020) All I want for my 90th birthday is to abolish police and build our dream world. Huffington Post
“I am Black and Beautiful: The Black Madonna” (QTPOC)
Mase III, J. (2017) Ambiguous Power Guy and Divesting From Mainstream LGBTQ Movements, Huffington Post (11/04/2014) (Discussion Topic 2: using discernment / boundaries and respecting those of other LGBTQ+ people — and what happens when we don’t)
Optional Readings:
Ackley, D. (2020) Slides from lectures: 4 Building Bridges: Religions, Spirituality & LGBTQI+ Resilience PDF, 5 LGBTQ+ spirituality, religions & resilience: A personal narrative PDF
“A Litany for World AIDS Day 2014” (11/15/2014) PDF (already in slideshow 4)
Curran, L. (2020) The Myths and Stages of Forgiveness: Worksheets for Clinicians and Clients (PESI) PDF
Underwood, M. (2020) Preventing Youth Suicide in a Pandemic Being There Amid Physical Isolation, Hazelden Foundation, live webinar 9/10/2020. PDF of slides.
AA Grapevine (2020) “Stories by LGBTQ+ AA Members” (August 2020) PDF
Ackley, H.A. (2014) “Many Gifts, Same Spirit: Celebrating Pride in Our Diversity Together” Huffington Post (June 9, 2014) (linked in Lectures)

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