Cathy Richardson :: Follow Your Arrow :: Day 73 #Project365

Project 365: Cathy Richardson posts a song a day, every day in 2017. 3/14/17 Day 73 Follow Your Arrow, Kacey Musgraves cover. Disclaimer: I had only heard this song for the first time that morning. I listened to it a couple times, made a chart and read it as I performed it live, hence my making up the bridge melody which I totally blanked on in the moment. I decided if it wasn’t too offensively off-base I’d leave it and post it anyway. I realize now that this was a very popular Country song so my apologies to any Kacey Musgrave purists. This was recorded a couple days ago at Speakeasy Spiritual Community in Hinsdale IL where I sing most Sunday mornings at 10am. The wonderful laugh you hear is that of our minister Maureen Muldoon who is also my co-host at Voice Box storytelling night. For more on either of these awesome events, check out the websites below.


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